How Missouri Nature Helps Mental Health

1- Ever been told or heard someone say "go on a walk" to clear their minds? Studies show that people who regularly go out in nature, from hiking long trails to a simple walk around a pond, will grow a calmer mindset and lower their blood pressure, which is both mental and physical health taken care of! And for short term, just hearing the sounds of nature is shown to have a calming effect! Source - Driftwood Outdoors: Time in nature improves mental health.

2- There are many things that we have retained from our hunter/gatherer era, including some mindsets. According to the 'Blue Mind' Theory, when you hear, see or even feel water around you, you get a calmer state of mind. There's a reason why videos full of sounds of rain or rivers are so popular nowadays! Source - The 'Blue Mind' Theory

3- Suffer from ADD? It isn't curable, however studies have shown that with nature therapy, there are higher chances to relax your mind and focus other than medicine. In a run of 35 diffrent scientific papers, diffrent researchers found that there was a positive response when dealing with ADD kids after their nature session. Source - Mental health benefits of interactions with nature in children and teenagers: a systematic review

Nature has helped us a lot in life, from supporting our world to helping our minds, so why not help nature back?


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Springfield Conservation Nature Center

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